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The Symposium Zone

Looking for help creating reports for Nortel's Symposium Call Center Server or Symposium Express? Or maybe you just need a little training on Crystal Reports using Symposium? The Symposium Zone is your portal to reporting and analysis solutions for the Nortel centric contact center.
Enter the Symposium Zone.

What's New!

Crystal Reports for Nortel Symposium 
Open Training
Classes - Symmetrics now offers its specialized Crystal for Symposium classes in an open training setting, with locations around the world! Perfect for individuals or small groups. More....

Symmetrics' has announced its new portal strategy for Contact Center Reporting and Analytics - code named Fusion. If you are interested in becoming a beta user of the next generation in Contact Center Business Intelligence please contact us at

Crystal Decisions/Nortel Logos

Have you discovered all the necessary, time-saving tips and tricks that help you easily and efficiently create dazzling reports -- so you can focus on more urgent matters? If you're wondering how you're doing, consider Symmetrics' Adam Schanz on-site training courses.

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Press Room

January, 2002:
Symmetrics announces its new Solution Support program for Symposium users. Click here for more info!

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